Jeep Wrangler Hemi Conversion

Unprecedented Power

HEMIs are known for their power. Overhaul your rig with a new HEMI powerplant and make your rig go fast!

Fully Integrated

The HEMI conversion performs like a completely factory install. Your Jeep retains all factory functionality.

Factory Performance

Make your Jeep how it should have come from the factory, with a HEMI engine.

Hemi Conversion Pricing

Installed Pricing

2012 - Present (Automatic)$22,500$23,500$29,500$36,500
2012 - Present (Manual)$25,500$26,500$32,500$39,500
2007 - 2011 (Automatic)$22,500$23,500$29,500$36,500
2007 - 2011 (Manual)$25,500$26,500$32,500$39,500
Horsepower375 @ 5800rpm405 @ 5800rpm500 @ 6000rpm610 @ 6000rpm
Torque390 @ 4200rpm425 @ 4200rpm500 @ 4200rpm600 @ 4200rpm
DonorCar (WK)Ram 1500SRT-8 Car/WKSRT-8 Car/WK
Engine Warranty3yr. / 36,000 miles3yr. / 36,000 miles3yr. / 36,000 miles90 days
Fuel Type87879191

Package Pricing

2012 to 2016 6.4L ** Hemi Auto Package$26,000
2012 to 2016 ** 6.4 Hemi Manual Package$29,000
2012 to 2016 ** 5.7 Hemi WK Package$19,000
2007 to 2011 ** 6.4 Hemi Auto Package (Comes with 545RFE transmission)$26,000
2007 to 2011 ** 6.4 Hemi Manual Package (Comes with Getrag 238 6-speed transmission)$29,000
2007 to 2011 ** 5.7 Hemi WK Auto Package (Comes with 545RFE transmission)$19,000
2007 to 2011 ** 5.7 Hemi WK Manual Package (Comes with Getrag 238 6-speed transmission)$22,000
2007 to 2011 ** 5.7 Truck Hemi Auto Package (Comes with 545RFE transmission)$20,000
2007 to 2011 ** 5.7 Truck Hemi Manual Package (Comes with Getrag 238 6-speed transmission)$23,000

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About Our Hemi Conversion


Horsepower gains with a supercharger are impressive. We can use Magnuson, Kenne Bell and Edelbrock to name a few. Cost for this will range from $8500 to $11,500 depending on your application and horsepower you are looking for.

Why the HEMI Conversion

The Hemi conversion is all about power, performance, and reliability. The 500 horsepower / 500 foot pound 6.4L engine will make your Jeep drive like a whole new ride. This engine is the same 6.4L Hemi 392 V-8 engine used in the SRT8 Jeep Cherokee and SRT8 Dodge Challenger. All of our engines are brand new, crate engines. If you are looking for speed, this is the conversion for you.

The Best Parts

Conversions are completed using OEM quality parts. To break it down, roughly 90 percent of the components in the conversion are from Mopar. The other 10 percent are manufactured by established companies that want to bring new life to your old ride. The battery tray/air box, throttle body adapters, fan shroud for truck motors, motor mounts and transmission mount are all designed using The latest in CAD design technology and then constructed from high quality, laser cut steel.  They are formed on a CNC press brake and expertly assembled by certified welders. All wiring harnesses are built by trained professionals and computer tested before shipment for functionality.

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We use only the finest Hemi conversion components, Dakota Customs.